“Reeno sho” Campaign

Collecting old and out-of-use cellphones from schools in Qazvin

Do you know if an old cellphone is either burned or buried, it can pollute 600,000 litter of clean water because of its Cadmium element? So, if the cellphone is not properly recycled,
it can cause many diseases for me and you...

Now Reeno has taken one step further to have this campaign in collaboration with the provincial Ministry of Education in Qazvin to collect the old cellphones from the schools across the province hoping to prevent polluting our environment.

We are inviting you to donate the old cellphones of yours, your family members, relatives and friends to your own school from 10th to 20th of April. Don’t forget to stick your full name and phone number on your donated device to participate in our prize draw.

The prize consists of ten gifts with value of $50.

Recycling more than 60 tons of electronic wastes in the last 9 months by Reeno.

A visit by a group of executives in Environmental Ministry from Reeno

A visit by the Vice President in science and technology, Dr. Sorena Sattari, from Reeno

The first campaigne for
collecting electronic wastes

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